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A coffee table book chronicling windows and doors in old neighbourhoods of Jerusalem with an accompanying history of each neighbourhood

Like pickles in a jar I wanted to preserve the old Jerusalem. On my visits home over a number of years I wandered through some of my favourite neighbourhoods, through the streets and alleyways I played in as a child documenting Jerusalem's many facades. Windows in particular ignited memories of my boyhood but also inadvertently connected me to the people that resided there decades before. It was almost as if gazing at the windows drew me back in time to all that they may have seen, myself included.

The book is broken down into neighbourhoods that were established outside the old city walls. Each section describes some history of that neighbourhood and the characteristics that make it unique, together with a carefully curated selection of images captured over a number of years. This book has been a labor of love for me - and I now realise what a privilege it was to have grown up in such a city as Jerusalem with so much history and aesthetic beauty surrounding me.

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