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Sossy + Canvas

Contemporary Abstract and Judaica

Sossy + Canvas is an art and events gallery in Melbourne featuring resident abstract artist Sossy Kinderman, known for her immersive and grand oil paintings. 

Featured in galleries, homes and commercial spaces around the globe, Sossy’s work embodies the abstract use of visual language to create pieces that stir your emotions and resonate deep within. Inspired by Judaica and its powerful representation of history through symbolism, Sossy’s collection of original and commissioned artworks are uniquely captivating.


Loved by art collector's worldwide, Sossy’s signature style is lauded for its pace and movement across the canvas to create three-dimensional pieces that stimulate the senses. Through her application of heavy bodied paint by palette knife and thick brush stroke, her impressive combination of form, gestural marks and tone creates beautiful and stylish compositions that are suited to any setting.


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