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Jennifer E Hopper

Bold figurative artwork inspired by the natural world

My name is Jen, and I'm an all-round enthusiast for LIFE! I feel most alive when I am being creative and acting on my inspiration. I have been compared to a meerkat for my ever-eager, swivel-necked surveying of the horizon - I want to see and do what's new. 

Painting allows me an endless opportunity to explore and play with paint and colour, and I willingly admit that I never want to paint the same picture twice. I'm an artist who is always seeking to grow and change, move in new directions and give tangents their due. 

I seek to spotlight beauty and create work that I hope communicates my reverence for nature and the human form. My interest in abstraction comes from wanting to capture the essence of a feeling or experience of the world, rather than detail it realistically. It's in my adventures in abstraction that I feel the risk and reward of taking paint to places it may not have been before.

I work mostly on canvas but with my background in fashion and textiles, (I have a B.A in Fashion Design from RMIT University), I love to find ways to use my work on soft furnishings and homewares. 


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