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Daniel Wein

Engaging, emotive portraits

Daniel Wein was born in Melbourne to Australian and Swedish parents, he spent his childhood between Australia, the United States, Sweden, and Israel.

Moving to Israel in 2009, later Daniel enlisted in the military where he trained as a long-range sniper. In 2014, he was shot and injured in combat in Gaza and during his time in physical rehabilitation Daniel took up painting as a therapy to help him through his physical recovery as well as PTSD.

As part of his art therapy Daniel started painting portraits, using pallet knives and strong, bold colours, he captured the language seen in the faces of those affected by war: the patients; doctors; and nurses; portraying their emotional distress; pain and anguish.

In March 2015, Daniel won the Military, Police Force and Border Patrol Art Competition: "Colours in Barrels" and received a one-year scholarship to study art in Tel Aviv. He later furthered his studies at the Bezalel School of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, considered the most prestigious art school in the country.

Daniel Wein is now based in Echuca, after moving there, he was a finalist in the 2022 National Portrait Gallery's 'Darling Portrait Prize' competition with a portrait of his 92 year old grandfather, 'The Epitome of Hymie', proudly displayed at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra


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